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waterfall wellness

Nature has a way of creating bliss. Stunning landscapes and glorious flowers are just some of the beauty that is created in our world on a daily basis. Did you ever stop to think that, maybe, it was created for us? Perhaps nature’s majesty is a form of free therapy. I’ve created a term to describe my latest findings, “waterfall wellness”. There is something to this natural miracle that can heal our souls. Have I piqued your interest?

As we get older, we often begin to identify our needs and desires better. In other words, we become aware of ourselves and what can make us truly happy. I developed a love of waterfalls several years ago. It has become my favorite form of therapeutic activity. In 2015, I spent two weeks visiting 33 waterfalls in the northeast.

I’ve never been a big hiker. Admittedly, if there isn’t a waterfall at the end of a trail, I’m not as likely to make the trek. I need that motivation. Knowing that beauty and serenity await me, I can push myself to trudge onward and upward, when I would be much less likely to do so otherwise.

How does a waterfall sound?

At this point in my life, I’ve visited approximately 60 waterfalls, maybe more. I’ve noticed several aspects of these little miracles along the way. They are all unique. Each and every waterfall is a one of a kind. Some are bubbly and light. Meanwhile, others are strong and powerful. With the sound of each waterfall comes a special gift. Sometimes, it may be peace and at other times it may be a burst of creativity.

This series of waterfalls is a great depiction of the variance in sound and tone and how they can differ.

You can hear the difference in the above video. There was a small, bubbly waterfall first, then a stronger, higher and wider waterfall close-by. Rushing water is not just rushing water, right? Well, no. Every waterfall has a different velocity and ferocity. At what angle does the water flow and from how high? How wide is that waterfall? Are there rocks slowing it down? Is there a river forcing its flow? Is it hidden deep in an embankment? Or, does it sit level with the surrounding land? All these factors weigh into the sound that a waterfall produces.

Waterfalls and Brain Waves

There are five types of brain waves: alpha, beta, delta, gamma and theta. Each has its own frequency and facilitates certain physical reactions. The goal is to achieve optimal levels of frequency in each brain wave. Doing so will afford you deeper sleep, a stronger intuition, a premier level of creativity and a higher problem-solving ability, as well as increased immunity.

You can use sound in order to achieve optimal levels of each brain wave type. This has been researched extensively using music. Different types of music, as well as nature sounds, have all been shown to affect our mindset in positive ways.

Now, apply this knowledge to waterfalls. The sound and tone of a waterfall can also stimulate certain brain waves. Thus, if you are an artist or writer and have experienced a creative block, consider finding a waterfall that provides a tone of sound that promotes your creativity.


Dr. Jeffrey Thompson studies sound for stress reduction, relaxation, sleep enhancement, mega-learning, creativity, peak performance, meditation, and higher states of consciousness. A recent podcast interview with Dr. Thompson revealed some of his findings. “Sound travels through water five times better than air because the molecules are more densely packed.” He went on to explain that our bodies are 70% water and 30% minerals. Thus, it’s the perfect medium for transmitting sound.

Now, combine Dr. Thompson’s conclusion of water as a powerful sound traveler with the sound of a waterfall. You have a sound frequency being emitted from that flowing water. That sound has a frequency that registers in your brain on a scale from 0 to 100. Depending on where it hits the scale, you brain will react in the form of a brain wave. That brain wave will, in turn, cause a corresponding physical reaction in your body. Hence, our new term created just for this article, waterfall wellness!

Waterfall wellness conclusion

So, how do you know which waterfall will best fit your need? Well, in my opinion, they are all restorative. However, your intuition is the best way to draw your conclusion. When I was on that two-week waterfall trip I mentioned earlier, I took full advantage of this phenomenon. Some waterfalls fueled poetry, while others enhanced a meditative state.

Part of the fun for me was discerning what a particular waterfall was trying to tell me. Each one had its own gift to give. All we have to do is be present and listen.

Recently, I’ve started listening to waterfalls to fall asleep. It works like a charm every time! I encourage you to find your waterfall bliss and the gift that it has to give. Something tells me you too will find your way to “waterfall wellness”.

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