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A Writer at Heart? Here are 5 Writer’s Retreats to Get You Started

Everyone has a story to tell. Some of us have many. In my opinion, the point of storytelling is to help others find their way. It also helps us process our own emotions and thus, is therapeutic. If you need a little motivation to share your own story, a retreat may be just the thing. Here are 5 fun writer’s retreats to get you started.

Myths, music, and sacred sites in Ireland

This writer’s retreat promises to find your motivation. Off the east coast of central Ireland, this region is considered the most beautiful place to visit in all of the United Kingdom. Likewise, if you are a lover of music this may be your top pick. Music is my passion, and I find when I’m watching a band live, I tend to write lyrics, poems or get other ideas for various projects. There is something about live music that speaks to my soul.

You will be encouraged to explore writing in various genres, be it Fiction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Crime, Romance, or Children’s books. If you are unsure of your preferred genre, this workshop will help you find it. Whether you are working on a short story, novel, or manuscript, this retreat is sure to inspire you to completion.

The ‘threshold’ writing retreat in Peumerit, France

While some writers prefer a forest, more wooded atmosphere, others need water. This retreat is on the coast of France and delivers just the ambiance that only the ocean can bring. ‘Threshold’ is the theme of this retreat. As a writer, you’ll be encouraged to explore your boundaries and even cross genres. Consequently, if you want to be challenged as a writer, this may be the retreat for you.

Mornings will generally be dedicated to workshops. This coursework may be held at various historic sites or locales to encourage your imagination. Afternoons are the writers’ own personal writing time. Moreover, if you choose to explore the area for further inspiration, you will have time to do so. Unlike many of the other retreats, this workshop has the option of low-income scholarships.

Rocky Mountain writer’s retreat

Lush, peaceful, vast landscape. Some writers feel that a quiet, solace space at home isn’t enough to forge a quality writing experience. Instead, they need a special place, surrounded by nature that inspires them to open up their soul and let that story pour out.

This writer’s retreat, held at the Franciscan Retreat Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado may be exactly what you need. More importantly, This is the most cost-effective workshop I found. The pricing includes lodging and all meals. Additionally, the grounds have trails, parks, and a labyrinth. Massages are available as well. Possible adventures located nearby include Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, Cripple Creek, Glen Eyrie Castle, The Olympic Complex, and Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Whether you want to write, explore, or just get away, this retreat should do the trick.

Black Sea writing retreat in Romania

If you want to be a food or entertainment writer, this is the retreat for you! This exotic location includes intriguing history, soft sandy beaches, and warm weather. What more could you ask for? How about seasoned and successful authors to foster your hidden talents? Yes, there is that too!

Additional fun excursions include boat rides, day trips, and a traditional food tasting in a nearby village. However, only breakfast is included in your meal plan. So, it will be up to you for lunch and dinner. But, if you are a foodie, this may be your favorite part! Find some new recipes and local secrets. Then write about it.

Story rebels retreat in Sicily, Italy

I saved the best for last with the Rebel Writer’s Retreat. If you are a foodie and appreciate culture, this may be your ultimate getaway. Most Sicilians don’t appreciate being referred to as Italian. There’s a difference. Sicilians are special. And yes, they expect you to know it!

Likewise, this retreat is special too. From soaring in a helicopter to riding horseback, you will experience the best in local food, historical sites and beautiful countryside. This writer’s retreat is a full-on “vacation of a lifetime.”

Your lodging will be at an estate with incredible landscapes. Here you may choose to share or have a private room. Whichever you prefer, this stunning atmosphere is sure to bring out the passion in your creativity.

Writer’s retreats conclusion

Writer’s retreats are a wonderful way to encourage your hidden writing talents. We often suffer from lack of confidence or fear of failure. But it helps to remember that writing is good for the soul. It has a way of helping us dream great dreams and process our pain. In the end, it’s all just a story anyway.

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