Brandt Jobe Wins Boeing Classic – Hole by Hole

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hole by hole

I think we can all relate to the ailing struggles of life, particularly when it comes to aging. It’s inevitable. But what if your passion requires that you maintain optimal physical health? What do you do then? According to Brandt Jobe, “You take it hole by hole.”

Professional Golfer, Jobe just had one of his greatest wins ever. At 54, Brandt hit a 63, including 10 birdies, to call the trophy his own. Jobe has had several wins over the years, but will tell you himself – he is now at peak performance. What exactly got him here? These could easily be considered his senior years.

According to Brandt, focus is as important as physical agility in the game of golf. You have to stay calm, know what you are shooting for and aim consistently. But, Jobe admits he’s found an “edge.”

The Boomer Advantage

Boomer Natural Wellness COO, Mike Quaid couldn’t be more thrilled for Brandt. He introduced Jobe to the Boomer Golf line earlier this year. He uses the CBD Roll-On for pain relief, and the tincture drops for overall healing after a long day on the course. Like any other golfer, his body, and right elbow in particular, give him some trouble. At this point, Brandt doesn’t want to hinder his golf game with the burden of aging.

As many of us can testify, taking over-the-counter pain medications daily can take a toll on the body.  Furthermore, pain relievers fail to treat the problem itself. Brandt Jobe has found something special and it’s natural. He takes tincture drops in the morning and evening as well as midday, if needed. The results have been compounded. Jobe affirms, “Actually, I think you are at a disadvantage not using them.” He is referring to Boomer Natural Wellness CBD tincture drops.

“I have completely knocked out using aspirin or ibuprofen in any way, shape, or form. My experience right now is that my body feels great.” He sleeps better and wakes up rejuvenated. However, he is most impressed with the calm and peacefulness that has followed. He no longer gets anxious about a game.

The Boeing Classic win

Ironically, in the weeks leading up to the Boeing Classic, he wasn’t able to play as much as he normally would. He was schlepping furniture to his daughter’s first apartment at Auburn University. His son has scouters looking at him, so dad was there to offer him support. The beauty of the situation is, Brandt’s head is clear. His mindset has had a powerful shift toward the positive.

From day one, he was playing well. But, he wasn’t in the lead. As things heated up on the last day, it was imperative he keep his cool. This is where the battle became a head game. Brandt remembers telling himself, “Keep it simple. That’s what got you here. Take it hole by hole.” He focused on the next step alone. Put it down the fairway. Get it on to the green. Now in the hole. Refraining from thinking ten steps ahead allowed him to focus on the task in front of him. And he nailed it.

Jobe is riding the wave. This latest victory is made even more sweet that it is later in his career rather than earlier. As many golfers find themselves seriously considering retirement at this point, Brandt feels like he has a new game. The Boomer Golf line has a lot to do with that. But, the man himself is nothing to scoff at. Congratulations, Brandt. We are riding the wave of this win with you.