CBD and Tea

The latest news for tea drinkers proposes quite a treat. It turns out, CBD and tea are a thing.

I’m not British. But I love a good cup of tea. The hotter, the better. I’ll turn the air conditioning up if need be. Just bring on the tea please!

As much as we love our coffee, and CBD coffee is available too, tea drinkers are rising in number. The health benefits of various types of teas are becoming more common and mainstream. But the greatest perk of all may be adding CBD to your tea.

CBD and tea options

You can buy tea with CBD already in it. I’ve tried the peppermint, but it wasn’t as flavorful as I’m accustomed to. My preference is adding CBD drops to each serving. This allows you to better control the amount that you are ingesting. I’ve tried both CBD tea and adding CBD drops to a cup. I prefer the latter. But, in all fairness, that may be because I found chocolate mint flavor CBD tincture drops.

Nighttime versus day

CBD can be extremely beneficial for those who struggle to fall asleep or sleep soundly once they are asleep. For those of you considering experimenting, plain CBD tincture drops don’t have the best flavor. Typically, they are placed under the tongue for approximately one minute. This may not be the most pleasant experience if you have sensitive taste-buds.

But that is what is great about adding CBD drops to tea. You can choose your preferred flavor of tea to add drops to. As a result, you won’t have to endure any unpleasantness you don’t particularly enjoy. Chamomile is a great choice right before bedtime. Then sit back and enjoy.


CBD oil tinctures come in various “sizes.” You can expect a variance from 500 milligrams to 2000 milligrams per bottle. Typically, the dropper is marked by eighth or quarter measurements. Thus, you can more easily discern how much you are ingesting.

In other words, if you have a 1000 milligram bottle, a quarter dropper would be a 10-milligram serving. Half of the dropper would be 20-milligrams, and a full dropper would be approximately 40. Consequently, you may add more, or less, depending on your personal needs at any particular time.

Personally, I prefer adding drops to my tea versus using a CBD-infused tea for that reason. I know exactly how much I am getting. This allows me to better ascertain what my needs are regarding the desired effect. You can test out different serving portions. While some people may find that 10 milligrams per serving is plenty, others may need 40 milligrams. It can depend on various factors such as the person’s body chemistry, weight, etc.

For those occasions when you need a little more, then adding CBD drops to your favorite tea is a great way to do that. Please be sure to purchase your CBD products from a provider that uses third-party testing. These companies ensure that you are receiving the quality that their label states. As CBD is not currently regulated, we want to be sure you are getting what you are paying for. Tea is at three. Biscuits optional!