journey to CBD

Jo’s Journey to CBD

What a rocky road. Josephine Blackburn has been put through the ringer. She spent 20 years fighting chronic pain with opioids, and monthly epidurals. The pain remained. Her journey to CBD was the excursion of lifetime. And it ended none to soon.

Twenty years ago, at the age of 42, Jo began to feel run down. Her body ached and she had no energy. After seeing several doctors, she had no firm diagnosis. Jo was told that she might have chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or arthritis. Nobody seemed to have a concrete answer.

Complimentary practices

Her pain had reached the point of debilitating. Jo couldn’t work or function with that level of pain. She found a doctor who recommended complimentary practices. He wanted to combine epidurals in various locations along with opioids. Jo knew of the addiction that often accompanied opioids, but felt she had no other options. As a result, she began both recommended practices.

Jo began with 3 epidurals in her spine, local anesthesia only. You have to be in a lot of pain to endure that. But initially, they seemed to help.

The doctor also gave her a prescription for Lortab. By combining the two, Jo could go to work and function in some capacity. Although prescribed 4 a day, she tried to refrain from using the maximum amount prescribed as she did not want to become addicted to opioids.

Unfortunately, these therapies left Jo in more pain within the following months. Finally, she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. As the fear set in that this may be her future, Jo’s loving husband stepped up to bat. He took care of her and urged Jo to stay home and quit her job.

In hindsight, Jo feels that that decision may have been to her detriment. The lack of activity didn’t do her body any favors. As a result of less motion and more bedtime, her pain continued to escalate. Jo continued to have epidurals on a monthly basis.

More pain, more opioids

The pain seemed to move around her body as the doctor chased it with epidurals first in her spine, then in her hips, and so on. It was finally concluded that she had osteoarthritis. What followed was a slew of various prescription medications to treat anxiety and depression, as well as, chronic pain. From Xanax to Norco, Jo lived on a cocktail of opioids. What happened next is a story all too common in America. She was addicted.

Jo is the type of person that won’t get behind the wheel of a car if she has had one drink. But as Jo began to lose time, spacing out for hours, daily, she realized she should not be driving. Jo had to admit to herself that she was living “under the influence.” Furthermore, she was losing words, slurring, and forgetting her granddaughter’s name, whom she saw regularly.

At this point, Jo realized she needed to come off of these drugs. Her insurance wasn’t covering the prescriptions in their entirety anyway. But she was scared. Nightmares of horrific withdrawals haunted her. It seemed hopeless.

CBD, the solution

Then her husband found CBD. He found a reputable company in Las Vegas, Boomer Natural Wellness, and bought Jo full-spectrum CBD drops. Within 30 minutes of taking the first dose of drops, Jo’s pain was gone. She couldn’t believe it.

It’s been over a year since that fateful day and Jo no longer sees her pain management doctor. It took her two weeks to wean herself off of Norco. But she did it without withdrawals. Now Jo is working on coming off of her anti-depressants as well.

Jo Blackburn has a new lease on life. She sees her grandchildren daily and remembers all of their names. She has great energy and her pain is much more manageable with CBD. Jo still has some pain in her tailbone from an injury that was never tended. But all in all, she feels like a new woman. “Yay for CBD oil. I can walk. I can function. There is no pain, and I can remember my grandchildren’s names.”

When it comes to everyday life – what more could you ask for?