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CBD Myth-busting: A Trick-or-Treat Analysis

October can be a frightening time with all the ghouls and goblins that seem to be lurking around every corner. But, when it comes to your health, you have no reason to be spooked. Speaking of spooky, there is a new trending topic in the Wellness industry that is frightfully misunderstood: CBD. To clear up some of the fear surrounding this amazing compound, let’s do some CBD myth-busting and see how many tricks you fall for in the following quiz. 

The statements are true/false, but in an effort to stay on theme, we are going to answer them with trick (false) or treat (true). Have a frightfully good time – and then see how many you got right with the answer key at the bottom. 

Trick or treat questions:

  1. CBD has no scientific studies to prove its effectiveness in treating any medical conditions.
  2. CBD is a federally legal substance. 
  3. As a Schedule 1 narcotic, conducting research on the compound is prohibited. 
  4. Your body produces cannabinoids naturally. 
  5. All CBD products are the same.
  6. Pets should not consume CBD as it can be harmful to them.
  7. Skin disorders including eczema and psoriasis may be treated with CBD.

CBD myth-busting answers:

  1. TRICK. The results of clinical trials using CBD-based medications to treat seizure disorders were so compelling that the Food and Drug Administration actually approved Epidoliex – a CBD-based medication to help with these disorders that are difficult to treat. It’s the first medication to be approved by the agency since the government began classifying drugs in 1970. 
  2. TREAT. In the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD became a legal substance at the federal level. However, that does not mean it is legal in all states. In fact, police raids are still happening in several states and CBD products are being confiscated from shelves. And, several states do not allow the sale of cannabis in any form.
  3. TRICK. The fallacies in this statement are many so let’s start by repeating that the 2018 Farm Bill removed CBD from the schedule 1 narcotics list, making CBD a federally legal compound. Furthermore, other countries have conducted studies about CBD, some of them even funded by the U.S. The first of these studies was conducted in Israel, but the United Kingdom has also found that CBD may be an effective treatment for Ulcerative Colitis, Italy found it may help inhibit colon cancer cell growth, and Brazil issued a study regarding its use in calming those who have extreme anxiety surrounding public speaking. 
  4. TREAT. Though surprising to many, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) was discovered in the 1980s and consists of endocannabinoids (naturally produced in your body), receptors, and enzymes. Want to learn more about this amazing system? Read this article .
  5. TRICK.  CBD has yet to be regulated by the FDA meaning that many labels are incorrect regarding how much CBD is actually contained in each product. In fact, the FDA held a public hearing around this issue in May 2019 where Dr. Rosemary Mazanet, chief scientific officer for the medical marijuana company Columbia Care, testified that as much as 69 percent of CBD products in one study were mislabeled. To avoid buying a product that falls into this category, look for a company that has all of its products third-party tested to ensure only the highest quality products hitting the shelves. And, for total transparency, these lab results should also be readily available to customers. 
  6. TRICK. Many pet parents are turning to CBD for a variety of ailments their pets face including, pain, anxiety, and age-related illnesses
  7. TREAT.  CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and can help relieve bouts of even the worst cases of eczema and psoriasis. In fact, I’ve had personal experience with this one, and the results amazed me!

How did you do? Are a CBD expert or did some of these answers shock you? Just like you’d call the ghostbusters when there’s something strange in your neighborhood, we hope that next time you hear something strange about CBD, you’ll call Boomer Natural Wellness… AKA the ‘CBD Mythbusters.’ Because lemme tell you something… Bustin’ makes us feel good!