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Finally, the answer to soothing your aches and pains...

This natural roll-on treats your pain with a pure and organic combination...

Hemp, with its naturally occurring CBD (cannabidiol), strengthens the power of menthol's effects...

Keeping your Roll-On with you all day is easy; just reapply it as necessary when you need quick and penetrating relief.

Forget about homeopathic ointments that provide no real help, and opt for the natural solution that is both safe and actually effective!

...this is truly your best alternative, capable of delivering fast and potent results!

This POWERFUL plant ingredient combination is not only convenient and all-natural, IT WORKS!

Hemp is an effective solution with NO harmful risks

Hemp is way less expensive than other alternatives! Seems like people are scared of the competition...

Many lobbied so hemp would be legally complicated to grow in the US... until now!

The recent 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act brought clarity and made hemp fully legal in the USA.

Hemp is a simple yet powerful crop, and we've perfected extracting its oils at large scales... When joined with menthol, it will forever change your day-to-day life!

Tired of Side Effects?
Use This ALL NATURAL Solution to:

Experience comfort like you haven't in years....

Never worry about negative effects or addiction...

Relieve your pain to achieve mental peace...

This Millennia-Old Ingredient Helps You Like NEVER Before..

Hemp Combined with These Plants Makes for A Remedy with MAGNIFIED Results!

Any natural health professional will tell you the same, underlying principle:

When caring for our well-being with plants, we must take a holistic approach.

A holistic approach means taking into account that our body has functions that interact and depend on one another...
Combining natural yet powerful ingredients that tackle the problem as a WHOLE leading to fast acting relief.

Let's talk about the 4 power-house ingredients in our Roll On that tackle your imbalances.

These ingredients penetrate quickly to relieve you of your pain.
Working in synergy, they’re far stronger together than alone!

So let's learn about the amazing plants that give our Pain Relief Roll-On with CBD its unique capabilities, starting with the two most powerful!


PCR Hemp Oil

Hemp has a history of being used topically to soothe and calm and has long been admired for its impressive capacities... Luckily, this plant has had a resurgence! And we've grown to see just how great it is. Reinforced with menthol, our Roll On with hemp penetrates deeply.



Peppermint does more than just freshen breath and signal Christmas... You may have heard of menthol which makes up more than 40% of peppermint oil.
Menthol provides relief with a cooling sensation… It is a counterirritant, providing distraction and instant relief. This powerful plant extract has been proven to be a useful antidote to pain.

Hemp CBD and Menthol aren't the only powerhouse plant ingredients that make our Roll On the right natural alternative for you!


Arnica Montana Flower


Indian Frankincense (Boswellia Serrata)

Hmmm… A Quick and Easy Solution to my pain with truly powerful results?
Sounds Like An Easy Choice To Me!

Our unique Pain Relief Roll-On with CBD is...

Plant Powered.
All the powerful pain-fighting ingredients in our Pain Relief Roll-On with CBD come from the earth itself. Remedies aren't only made in laboratories; they grow in our soil...

Works In Synergy.
Our holistic combination uses powerful plant ingredients fused to deliver effective natural relief.

For Any And All Pain.
No matter the source of your pain or the type of pain,
Boomers Pain Relief Roll-On with CBD is for you! Just apply to the inflamed or affected area and wait for relief at last...

If you care about being kind to your body with pure and powerful ingredients, Boomers Pain Relief Roll-On infused with hemp CBD was made for you...

Our Customers have said that our Pain Relief Roll-On...

  • Cools and calms quickly, with CBD magnifying menthol's fast-acting effects...
  • “Works for various pain types, like back aches or joint pain and muscle, ligament or tendon pain...
  • When your nagging pain is relieved this will help improve sleep quality, bring a calming sense, and leave you rested and peaceful but still energetic…

Natalie Harms

Hi my name is Natalie and I’m a mother of two. I’m always on the lookout for homeopathic pain-relief solutions for me and my family. The Boomer Pain Relief Roll-On with CBD has been a game changer for us.

It provides immediate pain relief for my son and daughter who are involved in sports. I feel safe knowing that it’s a lab-tested product that works. I would highly recommend it for everyone looking to live a pain-free lifestyle.

Sandy Hammer

I have acute cord compression in my neck since 2009 suffering from headaches and extreme backaches. Ever since I started using the Boomer Pain Relief Roll-On with CBD, I suffer no longer!!

My family members dealing with various aches & pains are also using this roll on, and now we are all free of these painful symptoms!

Jimmy Gerhard

I've been using the hemp-infused Boomer Pain Relief Roll-On, and it has become my favorite pain-relief product. In fact, it has become my favorite health product!

I'm constantly in the gym and was always sore until I started using it. The Roll-On pain reliever with CBD instantly relieves my sore muscle pain. It has changed my life! I highly recommend it.

Maybel Piedra

Después de estar parada en el trabajo el dia entero, me ayuda y relaja muchísimo usar mi Roll-On de Boomer. En unos minutos cortos se me va todo el dolor.

Desde hace más de 10 años sufro de la espalda, me operaron (3 placas y 7 tornillos) y nada me ha dado tanto alivio como el roll on.

Dr. Annie Markowitz, Ph.D.

The Boomer Pain Relief Roll-On has been a lifesaver for me! I am a runner and recently injured my knee. Within minutes of putting on the Boomer Pain Relief Roll-On, my pain was GONE. It’s a truly incredible product! I was happily back to running the following day, pain-free.

Michael Eisen

I’m Michael Eisen and I’m the founder of the Youth Wellness Network. As a public speaker and wellness entrepreneur, I am on the go and constantly standing all the time. I get a ton of aches, pain, and tightness in my body. I have scoured the market for pain relief, but it wasn’t until I found Boomer Natural Wellness’s CBD Pain Relief Roll On that I got the results I was looking for! Finally, I can do all that I do without worrying about all that annoying, nagging aches and pains. I highly recommend the Boomer CBD Pain Relief Roll on!


Hi, I'm Steve. I just wanted to let you about my experience with Boomer's Pain Relief Roll-On with CBD. I've used this for a little while now, especially on my wrist at night, and I found it to help quite a bit! I used to wake up with numbness, and now it feels very comfortable. I suggest that you give it a try. It's a great product!

Dr. Sanjay M. Sahgal, M.D.

Hi, I am Dr. Sanjay M. Sahgal, M.D. I served as Professor at The Keck School of Medicine of USC, and I currently run my practice out of Los Angeles. For the last 20 years, I’ve continuously engaged in teaching, mental health advocacy, and private practice. I’ve used the Boomer Pain Relief Roll-On to soothe my muscle soreness, and I’m surprised at how quickly it alleviates my pain. I’m so impressed by the quality and benefits of this Hemp-Infused Pain Relief Roll-On that I am now eagerly spreading the word about it amongst my patients and colleagues.

Ancient Humans Knew About This Magic Plant And Its Formidable Abilities...

The benefits of hemp have been known for years. This amazing plant has been benefiting people for centuries, but it’s magic seems to be a bit forgotten lately.

Our first written historical encounter with hemp use is in Ancient China, 2737 BCE. Emperor Shen-Nung used topical oils made from hemp and teas from the plant for many different beneficial purposes.

We later continue to find the cannabis plant and its seeds used in apothecaries.. it’s many uses were also well-known by Hua Tuo in the second century, who praised it for its amazing hydrating and moisturizing properties along with other skin-related benefits.

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Hemp's benefits are nothing new... In fact, we are far from the first humans to use hemp for relief...

Boomer's Pain Relief Roll-On...

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