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Boomer Brain Health - Your Brain's Fountain of Youth

Boomer Brain Health’s patented, doctor-formulated “smart” solution packs close to 50 brain-boosting ingredients into one daily supplement so you can combat the signs of aging on your gray matter. Forget about walking into a room and forgetting what you were doing, or having your precious memories slip away. Boomer Brain Health has you – and your brain – covered. 

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The Gold Standard in Brain Health

As the former Head of Neurosurgery at Denver’s Children’s Hospital, Dr. Larry McCleary observed firsthand the impact that impairments in brain function had on his patients and their families. Dr. McCleary made it his personal mission to develop natural interventions that boost cognitive performance.

Tested in a gold standard clinical trial, with results published in a peer-reviewed medical journal, Lucidal© stands as the next pinnacle in the evolution of brain nutrition.

Think of it as the ultimate super fuel for your brain.

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Why You Need to Fuel Your Brain

A recent study revealed that 10% of 65-year olds, 20% of 75-year olds, and 50% of 85-year olds are struggling with memory loss. But, the most surprising fact this study revealed was that memory loss begins at the age of 45 – a full 20 years earlier than previously thought.  

As you age, your brain oxidizes due to poor nutrition, environmental toxins, and other lifestyle stressors. If you’ve ever seen the handlebars on a bike beginning to rust, or a partially eaten apple turning brown – you’ve seen examples of oxidation. Signs of an “aging” brain are memory loss, difficulty concentrating, brain “fog,” and problems focusing or concentrating.

With nearly 50 brain-boosting ingredients, Boomer Brain Health helps keep your brain young, so you feel energized, alert, and also remember where you left your keys faster…

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Key Benefits of Boomer Brain Health

Improve Memory & Depression

Enhance Focus & Concentration

Think Clearer & Faster

Elevate Mood, Alertness & Energy

No Artificial Colors

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No Chemical Preservatives

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