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         At Boomer Natural Wellness we want to support you in feeling your best and in making well-being a lifestyle.

Our Aim Is To Change Lives

Our Life Coaches have a proven track record of helping their clients uncover the root causes of their challenges, and guiding them to create new habits that support a happier and healthier life.

Free Meditation Videos

Kundalini Meditation for Projection and Protection from the Heart

Kundalini Meditation for a Calm Heart

Yogi Bhajan said that this meditation gives you an enchanting and magnetic personality. Hillary Faye guides you through this powerful meditation to surround yourself with the energy of protection from the heart. 

If you want to learn how to meditate, this is a great practice to start! Meditation for a calm heart helps you to focus on your breath and expands the capacity of your lungs. This meditation creates a still point for Prana (breath, life force energy) in the heart. If you are upset due to work or relationships practice this meditation before you act so you can act with a full heart.

Reiki Meditation

Connect with Universal Life Force Energy (Love Energy). If you are feeling tired, low energy or disconnected this is a fast method of vibrational meditation using a “haa” breath that will help you feel connected.

Tibetan Buddhist Love and Kindness Meditation

This meditation allows you to send blessings of love, kindness, and abundance to yourself and others. What you give away you keep and in this meditation, you are giving away the highest and the best.
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