Hemp CBD Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter


Hemp CBD Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter



Boomer Natural Wellness special formulated Hemp CBD Oil Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter is a rich and creamy butter easily absorbs into the skin to help condition, soften and smooth away dryness. Our decadently thick formula contains an intricate blend of CBD, making it an excellent topical system to areas desiring treatment such as inflammation and other skin ailments. Made with pure and organic ingredients, this product helps to nourish the skin leaving it soft throughout the day. Apply as often as needed, or to damp skin. Great for post shower routines!

Manufactured in the USA

20mg CBD


  • Forms a protective barrier to hold in moisture
  • Protects skin from dry air, heat & cold weather
  • Aids in relieving irritated and dry skin

3.8 oz 112ml


Customer Reviews


Based on 6 reviews

Norma Jensen on April 07, 2019

i like this cbd butter

Letitia Flores on April 02, 2019

Its so great on my skin because it always cracks especialy in the winter and fall!!! I feel so much better now and im so happy with this product. smells good too!

Aubrey King on March 31, 2019

Love using this after a bath or just a shower. It smells beautiful, it's so moisturizing and hydrating. I feel like a baby's bottom every time I use it. Love it. Love it. And for that price, always have to have it!

Camila Gregory on March 28, 2019

I have been making my bf massage me a couple times a week using this lotion and it's pure heaven for the whole body. It takes care of the deep muscle aches I get sometimes. most deff it's a good price to pay for that.

Marcia Banks on March 21, 2019

I love the smell of this!! Its like bath and body works but better.

Eileen Burns on March 15, 2019

rub this butter on your aches